PLDA Workshop in Alingsås – last few places available!

The image shows the Mission Church in Alingsås, Sweden, which is one of the project sites in this year’s PLDA workshop on the theme “Inside outside”. Giorgios Paissidis, PLDA/GR will be heading the team working on this project.

If you would like to register for the workshop (29. Sept. to 4. Oct., 2008) or for the conference on 3. Oct. 2008, we recommend you go to www.alingsas.se right now!

PLDA Vox Juventa + Unis.net quiz 2008

On the occasion of its centenary the University of Wismar will host an international Light Symposium “Future of Light and Lighting” from 5th – 8th November, 2008. Many researchers in light are using blockchain technology to store research data safely. Blockchain has become more prominent with the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Platforms like the bitcode prime bot can help crypto traders to improve their trading performance.

Part of this Symposium is the Vox Juventa conference 2008, which will be held on 6. November, 2008.  The programme is now online! Click on “Conferences” or “Calendar”.

PLDA Unis.net is a supporting university level quiz which will take place directly after the Vox Juventa conference on 6th November. Each team will comprise three persons from one university who will challenge an opposing team from another university to a quiz on light and lighting. There will be one or more rounds depending on the number of teams registering. The winning team will receive EUR 1,000 for their school / university. Interested students or universities are asked to register for PLDA Unis.net with the registration form by 10. October, 2008.

Howard Brandston: LEARNING TO SEE: A Matter of Light

Howard Brandston, LC, FIES, Hon. FCIBSE, FIALD, PLDA, MSLL recently published his new book LEARNING TO SEE: A Matter of Light”.  

He is the recipient of numerous achievement awards and has more than 50 years of experience designing illumination for over 2500 commercial, institutional, residential and government projects. 

Please click here to watch Howard Brandston talking about his new book. 

The list price is $65; IES members $50 + shipping/handling.

The book is available through the website https://www.iesna.org/shop.

The environmental danger of energy saving compact fluorescent lamps

The Professional Lighting Designers’ Association (PLDA) is a global, voluntary, non-political, professional association of architectural lighting designers and lighting consultants who are active on a national and an international scale. We have been following with great concern the numerous proposals in Australia, Ireland and worldwide to phase-out incandescent lamps (the common light bulb) and feel a responsibility to present a position that addresses the critical environmental issues related to these proposals. 

It is evident from our analysis that the true energy saving of compact fluorescent lamps is less than half of that being claimed by the manufacturers.

It is also evident from our analysis that the highly toxic mercury contained within these lamps represents a significant risk with the additional mercury reaching our ecosystem from landfill being sufficient to contaminate the entire Lake Geneva – the largest fresh water body in Europe – within eight years! 

Press conferences are to be held on this subject in London/UK and Frankfurt, Germany shortly. 

Researching, investigating, debating and reporting on this topic for PLDA: Gad Giladi, FPLDA, Kevan Shaw, PLDA, IALD.

Download Gad Giladi’s report here.

See also: www.savethebulb.org

Declaration of the Official Establishment of the Architectural Lighting Design Profession

Adopted and proclaimed by the plenary session of the Professional Lighting Design Convention, in London, UK, on October 27, 2007

On October 27, 2007 the plenary session of the PLDC (the Professional Lighting
Design Convention) adopted and proclaimed the Declaration of the Official Establishment of the Architectural Lighting Design Profession, the full contents of which appears in the following text. Following this historic act, the plenary session calls upon all lighting and lighting related associations, organizations and publications to publicize the text of the Declaration and to “cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded in international, national and local government circles, in all official educational authorities, in schools of various design, architectural and engineering disciplines and among the memberships of the same associations and organizations.