PLDA workshop on “Snow and Ice” in Notodden/N – 26.–31.01.2009

The exciting interaction of architecture and snow, ice and lighting design will be the theme of the PLDA workshop
in the south-east Norwegian town Notodden! 

The PLDA workshop will comprise developing and realising lighting concepts for six different project sites.
The Workshop Heads and their respective sites are:

Peter List, Hamburg, Germany – The Villa
Philip Rose, London, UK – The Waterfront  
Cinzia Ferrara, PLDA, Milan, Italy – The Museum Square
Niklas Ödman, PLDA, Stockholm, Sweden – The Bridge and Pylons
Alfred Borden, PLDA, IALD, Philadelphia, USA – The Church 
Gudjon L. Sigurdsson, PLDA, Reykjavik, Iceland – The Power Station 

For more information and a registration form please visit or the
VIA Eventmanagement Website.

Light Symposium in Wismar

The international Light Symposium, organized by the University of Wismar, took place from 5. – 8. November, 2008 and included the PLDA Vox Juventa conference for young Lighting Designers and the accompanying PLDA Lighting Quiz. 

The six speakers at this year‘s Vox Juventa conference were Sylwia Schafranietz/D, Diego Manuel Canca Obispo/E, Petros Dermatas/GR, Paula Rainha/UK, Ulrike Schulz/D and Elinor Coombs/UK.

A jury of experts awarded Petros Dermatas the prize as the Best Speaker for his paper “The history of artificial light and the inherent sociopolitical aspects in Western civilization”.

Afterwards, two universities challenged each other in the entertaining quiz: KTH from Stockholm and Hochschule Wismar. The team from Hochschule Wismar (Tatjana Zamyatina, Maarten Claes and Ferry Gunawan) won the quiz and were awarded 1,000 euros for their university. 

We thank all participants for their valuable contribution and congratulate Petros Dermatas and Hochschule Wismar on their success at the Light Symposium!

Workshop results of the PLDA Workshop in Liverpool/UK

Workshop results of the PLDA Workshop in Alingsås/S

Workshop results of the PLDA Workshop in Stavanger/N