ELDA+ is a voluntary federation of lighting designers and lighting consultants who are active on an international scale, their purpose being to increase the reputation of the profession and to establish the profession as such in its own right. ELDA+ membership is centred around the professional architectural lighting designer. An architectural lighting designer is a person who possesses the knowledge and expertise to carry out all the work required to design light for interior and exterior architectural projects in such a way that the design can be implemented, become an integral part of the project and establish an efficient, enjoyable, healthy, safe, sustainable and well accepted environment for the people who live, work and relax in it.

In spite of the multitude of technical possibilities now available, the fact remains that light as an invisible medium is not easy to handle. Poor lighting is the result of bad planning. For this reason, the purposeful application of light in the architectural context is not only a logical consequence but an absolute must.

Education as a Basis for the Future

ELDA+ believes that education is the key to establishing Lighting Design as a serious profession. ELDA+ thus dedicates a large portion of its time to the organisation and support of education programmes at university level. The ELDA+ Workshop Programme with up to four major workshops a year gives students and young designers the opportunity to work in teams under the guidance of a professional lighting designer to develop and implement a lighting design concept on a real project. ELDA+ stages the Vox Juventa conference for young designers plus a Unis.net infotainment quiz once a year. The winning speaker / quiz team receive money prizes. ELDA+ is key in networking universities and schools around the globe offering quality Architectural Lighting Design programmes.

ELDA+ Membership Benefits

  • Professional members have the right to use ELDA after their name
  • the official magazine of ELDA+: Professional Lighting Design
  • assistance when looking for staff / jobs
  • reduction on admission to ELDA+ seminars
  • reduction on admission to ELDA+ congresses
  • reduction on admission to other events organised by ELDA+
  • regular news and information direct from ELDA+ Head Office by email
  • an excellent website with Members Only forum
  • the chance to actively contribute towards the development of the lighting profession.